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How to get the James Bond look that women love

Man oozes confidence if he’s dressed smartly. Such a man has his way out with all aspects and people around him have profound respect for him. James Bond has grabbed the attention of many people. Whether it is his enchanting style or his dark suit or tuxedo that fits, James bond look and dressing styles are often the most copied trends of all times. Being James Bond is all about polished masculinity. James Bond Collar bars function as a hold that can keep both ends of the shirt in place and firm. Collar bars often high the tie-knot bar in place, giving it a definite and unique style.


The Bond suits usually have sharp edge shape; the button on the suit is also at the narrowest end of the waist. This narrow waists help in highlighting the man’s shoulders. Bond Luxury Dress Shirts have a certain mix of silky shine to them, they can be either plain or in light prints, they sure mange to turn the many heads around at a party. Heavy patterns however are definitely not recommended for the Bond types. Also heavy denims don’t work for the James bond look.


Bond look is all about quality fabric. The shirt should weigh nine to eleven Oz; and depending upon the person’s built it should be neither too light nor too heavy for him to carry. For bond suits the most suitable color is black; however other preferred colors would be various darker shades of indigo or blue.

Bonds suits also cannot be of heavy material, it should be superfine material that enable men get the feel of a lady’s touch. Luxury Dress Shirts are often made to fit and have a collar with collar stays. Finding the right fit and right colored white shirt hold the key to the perfect James bond look. There should also be not a wrinkle on the shirt. One can use single or double cuffs and they should be just about gleaming from beneath one’s suit. James Bond collars are most of the time pointed in shape with collar stays in place. These collar stay are often metal stays of various designs. Since James Bond is synonyms with using multipurpose objects. James Bond metal stays can be used to hold the collar in place as well as be used as a bottle cap opener.

Other bond essentials would be pearl or  silver luxurious cufflinks. One can also wear suspenders instead of a belt and also wear a waistcoat to get the seamless James bond look.