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Q: How do I wear Collar-Links™?
A: Gently slide off the sphere back from the Collar-Links™ stud, place the Collar-Links™ anywhere over your collar wings, in sync with the sphere back placed inside your shirt or collar band. Make sure both sphere and stud bond. You may place Collar-Links™ anywhere along your shirt collar.​ (Watch our video to get ideas how to use them.)

Q: Why is the back a sphere rather than a disc magnet?​
​A: If we were to use a disc magnet shape, it would be difficult for the fingers to grasp it when moving it on the collar or removing it completely. A flux quantum sphere has a shape which allows easy grabbing by the fingers, making retrieval an easy task. In addition, a disc is not as good at absorbing impact, making them very prone to shattering and damage. HOW? Impact is absorbed in a very small radius of the sphere but unlike a disc, it absorbs impact in a larger radius.

​Q: Are these Flux Quantum charged or magnets?
A: Unlike magnetic accessories in the market today, Collar-Links™ are enclosed in a state-of-the-art flux quantum-charged stud featuring a proprietary semi-conductor fusion inside the stud when paired with the flux quantum charged sphere back.
This patent-pending invention makes Collar-Links™ many times stronger than any magnetic accessory in the market today. Each piece is crafted with "Precision laser sculpting technology" and hand polished to a dazzling rhodium finish. When the stud is paired with its flux sphere back, it creates a vacuum-like effect, enabling the user to affix any shirt collar in a variety of positions.

Q: Can Collar-Links™ damage electronic devices or items with magnet strips like credit cards?
A: Unless you place Collar-Links™ directly on these items, there will not be any negative affect. It’s okay to use a credit card – just don’t place the studs directly on the credit cards at any other time.

Q: What is a rhodium finish?
A: Rhodium is a highly reflective white metal, discovered in 1803, and is commonly known as the most expensive metal on earth.
The Guinness Book of World Records’  “world’s most expensive pen” contains rhodium and so does many other of the world’s most valuable items. This extremely hard, durable, and beautiful metal is often used to plate optical instruments, but nowadays the benefits of this unique metal are being used in the jewelry industry.

Q: Should I take Collar-Links™ off my collar before washing?
A: Absolutely! You should always take them off your shirt collar prior to washing. Store them at all times in the clear packaging cube.

​Q: is there any particular time I should put away my Collar-Links™?
A: Consider taking them off before going onto the dance floor. With today’s modern dances, you might end up losing them! 

Q: Should I still wear stays within my collar when wearing Collar-Links™?
This is up to you. But please note that to allow Collar-Links™ to transform your shirt collar into multiple button-down versions as well as achieving the James Bond tab-collar bar look, all shirt collar stays such as “magnetic collar stays,” “plastic collar stays,” and “metal collar stays” inside your shirt's collar pockets must be removed.

Q: Can I adjust my collar in different ways?
A: Yes you can! Collar-Links™ allow you to fashion your shirt collar in a variety of ways, from button-down to the tab-collar look.

Q: What's your return policy?
A: We have a 30-day money back guarantee. All items purchased must be intact and unaltered in order to receive a full refund with proof of purchase (excludes shipping).​