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Luxury collar links for a distinct look

You can still make a fashion statement without having to compromise your professional look with the Lapis Lazuli Studs by COLLATERALS. Designed to hold your shirt collar in place, these luxury Collar Links™ are also modern and stylish. Its unique design can help you standout in a sea of business suits and make you feel distinct. 

(2) Pairs Promotion instead of (2) Pairs
You may choose (2) pairs of the same design or mix (2) different pairs within Collar-Links collection. Simply, add to cart your first choice, example; You want a mix of INTERCEPTOR + PERLA? Add  INTERCEPTOR to cart, than click "checkout"  during checkout click "Edit Cart" than look for ( Notes message box)  in this box you may write any notes about your order, Example; One pair of Interceptor and one Perla pair, one pair of Onyxio.



Technical details

Stud material           Japanese Steel

Finish                        Rhodium Finish

Dimensions               (4) x Stud 13.5mm x 5.5mm height  (4) x Sphere Ball 7.85mm

Center ornament       Lapis Lazuli

Side detail                 Black resin